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The Electronic Route To A Reduced Carbon Footprint

November 05, 2018

201 trees, 4180 gallons of oil, 44,000 kilowatts of energy and 77,000 gallons of water.

That’s just some of the environmental benefits iDealFILE has enabled in the last 12 months through its paper savings alone – by transferring more than 70,000 deal files on to our platform. And with more and more dealers set to switch their paper-based deal files to this new way of working, those savings are only set to soar.

When you factor the further environmental impacts of toner use and the numerous vehicle movements involved in the lifecycle of a deal file too, there is a powerful environmental case for switching paper-based deal files to digital – let alone the very tangible time, cost and compliance efficiencies gained.

A deal file can consist of up to 70 different documents. Since implementing iDealFILE in the sales department of an AM 100 top five dealer group, the move has saved more than 80% of the printed paper traditionally used. To put that in context, over just 12 of the group’s individual sites, there was a reduction of more than 500,000 sheets of paper.

That’s a thousand reams of paper, all of which need delivering, and don’t forget, they need storing too – often off site. With iDealFILE, stationery deliveries are decreased, journeys back and forth to the storage centre are significantly reduced and auditors can carry out their work remotely. That’s numerous vehicle movements saved and a significant volume of harmful emissions eradicated.

Half a million printed pages also requires a lot of ink. Toners must be recycled as well as the obvious cost savings. When the required seven-year document retention period expires, there’s commercial shredding to take into account too.

All these factors are necessary ills with conventional filing methods. All are eradicated with iDealFILE which at the same time saves users between £3-£4 per deal file, thanks to reduced print, paper, storage and retrieval costs.

As more and more pressure builds on organisations to reduce their impact on the environment, iDealFILE presents a cost-neutral, carbon-neutral solution with tangible business benefits.

iDealFILE is the efficient, transparent and secure way to manage sales documentation. Come along and see us on Stand A6 at Automotive Management Live on 8th November or arrange a trial for your automotive dealership by calling us on 01635 905985.