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iDealFILE Joins CDK International Partner Programme To Enhance Dealer Sales Process

January 21, 2019

iDealFILE has become one of five new automotive tech firms to join the CDK International (CDKI) Partner Programme.

The CDKI Partner Programme offers potential automotive tech partners access to the CDK core Dealer Management Systems using standardised integration points. Partners can improve the functionality of their products, scale up their businesses, share and manage data seamlessly, and use the Partner Programme to potentially enter into new geographical markets.


From a dealer perspective, the CDKI Partner Programme will open up new applications on one platform. These range from iDealFILE’s ground-breaking electronic deal file platform, through to applications that could manage workflow streams such as, sales and enquiry management, automated marketing, finance, service and vehicle inventory – helping them increase efficiency and deliver truly connected car buying and ownership experiences. iDealFILE joins Dealerweb, eDynamix, Salesmaster and Force24 in working towards CDKI Partner Programme certification, while showroom system provider enquiryMAX is already live in over 100 UK dealer sites.


IDealFILE’s Managing Director, Ritchie Kelk said: “We’re proud to join the CDK International Partner Programme. This gives us stronger integration across the automotive sector, supports our ambitious growth plans and potentially creates opportunities with new customers across the world.

“Crucially, this move provides seamless access to increasing levels of data which will enable increased functionality, powerful reporting and efficient product development going forward. This move not only aligns us with a recognised global brand but further enhances the efficiency of our system for those customers utilising CDK core Dealer Management systems. It marks a fantastic start to 2019 in what promises to be an exciting year in our development.”


iDealFILE is designed to provide a more efficient, transparent and secure way to manage sales documentation – with added environmental benefits.

Developed specifically for the automotive industry, the iDealFILE platform seamlessly integrates with dealer management and third-party systems – turning unsecured manual paper-based documents into secure electronic digitally-signed, visible, traceable and auditable data.

The feature-rich platform delivers time savings of between 2 and 4 hours per deal file and cash savings of £3-£4 per deal file thanks to reduced print, paper, storage and retrieval costs.

These features include:

  • a self-auditing function which checks for key information and highlights any mismatched or missing information
  • a multi-document view which allows comparison and approval of documents during sign-off
  • the ability to pre-define time limits that documents are stored for within the system to meet GDPR requirements
  • digital forms to replace paper-based versions
  • a fully automated workflow which can be tailored to fit any dealership sales process


iDealFILE is the efficient, transparent and secure way to manage sales documentation. To see a demo or arrange a trial for your automotive dealership call us on 01635 905985.