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iDealFILE helps ensure compliance with new GDPR legislation

April 24, 2018

Coming into force on the 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings new regulations and responsibilities for those classed as Data Controllers and Data Processors. iDealFILE, the integrated electronic deal file platform for the automotive industry, has processes in place to help your dealership complies with the new legislation. 

The platform brings additional benefits to the deal file process, by turning paper-based documents and files into secure electronic digitally signed, visible, traceable, and auditable data. It can provide alerts when there are mismatched documents; email notifications on the status of the file throughout the file life; and updates to users including order received, ready for approval, invoiced and when delivered are actioned.  

Following customer feedback, additional benefits have been incorporated including the ability for forms to be built in as an electronic form with signature, replacing any current pdf forms. A document review process which improves the file signoff process. Up to six documents can be compared/approved or rejected for the deal file sign off. Visual indications of document check/approvals are retained against each working document and visible to all, streamlining the process. 

The reports function provides the ability to search for a range of missing documents from deal files in a data range, enabling more accurate compliance and audit review.  

iDealFILE is easy to use, completely secure, and cost effective deal file solution. For further information on iDealFILE, or to arrange a trial for your automotive dealership, visit or call 01635 905985.