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enhancements provide additional data security and auditing benefits

iDealFILE enhancements provide additional data security and auditing benefits

March 27, 2018

Following user feedback from a top ten retailer groupiDealFILEthe integrated electronic deal file platform for the automotive industry, has moved its cloud based hosted solution on to the Microsoft Azure platform. Thenhanced platform provides additional security features under ISO 27001 and supports iDealFILE’s agile development strategy. 

The move to Azure comes as additional functionality is launchedThese include the introduction of the self-auditing file that will automatically check key data and will alert management where data is mismatched. This self-auditing deal file can highlight any missing information enabling immediate correction. The result is financially accurate deal with auditable and accountable data. 

User stops have been introduced for data security and workflow control. The user permissions enable employers at a job role level to restrict visibility of key documents such as finance contracts or personal identification in the deal file. This function is designed to aid data securityThe workflow stops allow management the ability to control which status a job role can move a deal file into through its journey from open to delivered. 

iDealFILE has also enhanced the file audit and document review process, improving the file signoff application. Up to six documents can be compared/approved or rejected for the deal file sign off. Visual indications of document check/approvals are retained against each working document and visible to all. Streamlining the process. 

iDealFILE is easy to use, completely secure, and cost effective deal file solution. For further information on iDealFILE, or to arrange a trial for your automotive dealership, visit or call 01635 905985.