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iDealFILE Achieves A+ Pen Test Rating

February 28, 2019

The results of a recent Penetration Test (Pen Test) confirmed that iDealFILE has an “Excellent level of security, suitable for use in Defence and other high security environments”.

What is a Pen Test?

A Pen Test is a way of finding potential weaknesses in software applications and networks. In essence, it is a controlled form of hacking where the hackers are actually working for you to find the type of vulnerabilities that criminals will exploit.

The process involves analysing systems for any potential weaknesses that could be a result of poor configuration, known and unknown hardware or software issues plus technical or operational weaknesses.

An experienced pen tester can use exactly the same techniques as criminals but without damaging the system in any way.

Impeccable Security

At the request a major global automotive brand ahead of an implementation, we were asked to undertake a Pen Test using the PTES and OWASP methodologies by the brand’s recommended supplier.

The results of these industry recognised tests showed that no vulnerabilities were identified in the iDealFILE system, we were at the lowest risk level and our security rating is A+ (the highest level possible).

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