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Car Dealerships… Should you continue chasing paper?

August 07, 2017

Car Dealerships… Should you continue chasing paper?

As the backbone of any dealership, deal files are important documents that need to be kept collated, safe and secure.

All information should be in one place for easy reference. However, as many dealerships have experienced, the process of completing and managing paper-based deal files is somewhat time-consuming and sometimes inconsistent in its application.

For years dealerships have been using paper-based deal files but are now reconsidering the lifecycle and timescales of such a process. One key solution is to choose an electronic document management system (EDMS).

EDMS is a collection of digital technologies that provide a comprehensive solution for managing the creation, capturing, storage, retrieval and management of information and files.

So what are the key advantages of moving to an electronic document management system rather than retaining your existing paper-based deal file process?

With every paper-based deal file there are often a number of copies of the same document. This results in multiple versions being received back, at differing times – and what happens when you are waiting for one significant document that doesn’t come back in the expected timeframe?

An electronic deal file digitally date stamps each document ensuring the file is auditable and therefore providing much greater traceability. Documents can be accessed remotely giving complete visibility meaning the deal file process can be reviewed and checked at any time and at any place by authorised personnel.

Ultimately turning your manual paper-based process into a controllable auditable electronic process means no more missing documents.

This is just one key benefit that an electronic deal file management system provides. To find out more about the only truly end-to-end digital deal file document management system arrange a no-obligation consultation with iDealFILE. Please call us on 01635 905985 or alternatively email