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Automotive dealership – are you chasing the paperless dream?

November 14, 2017

At iDealFILE we understand the challenges of running paper based systems, but also know you’re likely to still be using them because it’s ‘how you’ve always done it’.

Could 2018 be the year to update; should 2018 be the year to update?  In short, yes.

Bringing your deal file processes online, with digital document capture and signatures will free up time for your staff to spend time on what they’re good at – selling.

If you’re looking ahead, planning for the New Year, now could be the time to go paperless.  There are many benefits:

  • All deal file information in one secure online place
  • Digital signatures can be captured
  • Reduction in paper usage and storage costs
  • Track the whole sales processeasily
  • Be prepared for GDPR

Simply put, all deal file information in one easily accessible, and secure, online place. Easy access 24/7, and fully traceable for audit purposes. iDealFILE can be tailored for your business needs, and we can work with you to implement a seamless transition with no business interruption.

All deal file information at your fingertips, no delay, no hassle, no trouble, no problem, and no papercuts.

Like to see how iDealFILE can help you? We’ll be happy to show you how, just get in touch today, call 01635 905985 or email: