iDealFILE delivers:
- Control
- Visibility
- Savings


iDealFILE provides an integrated electronic deal file platform that turns unsecured manual paper based documents and files into secure electronic digitally signed, visible, traceable and auditable data.


Streamline Your Process

iDealFILE turns a manual paper based process into a controllable auditable electronic process


Documents in One Place

All documents are captured either directly from your dealer systems or uploaded using mobile devices. This creates an electronic storage system ensuring all documents are available remotely 24 / 7


Improved Customer Interaction

Streamlines customer communication by providing easy access to all information relating to the vehicle sale


Time and Cost Savings

Delivers significant time savings for all departments in particular sales and sales administration. Delivers up to 10% increase in selling time. Reduces paper, storage, scanning and retrieval costs


Visibility and Control

Provides remote access and visibility allowing centralised auditing and administration


A deal file can consist of upto 70 documents. With ever increasing legislation, compliance and manufacturer requirements for the secure storage, retention and accessibility of documents, iDealFILE addresses all of these requirements with these standard features :

iDealFILE controls all your paper based and electronic administration tasks in one place! Regardless of how many other systems you have…


Digital Signatures


Secure Login


Automated Part Exchange linking for Dealfile


Email documents


Secure Scanning App


Dealer Management & other dealer based system links


User Friendly Graphical Interface


Auditable authorisation and approval process


Customised deal file creation


User Level Defines Access and Functionality


Easy, remote review of deal files


Feeds to business intelligence toolsets


Cost Savings

Removes upto 70% of paper requirements, reducing cost of paper, printing, storage, retrieval and scanning

Time Savings

Delivers over 4 hours of time saving per deal file leading to increased selling time of up to 10%

Remote On Line Access

Remote access allowing centralised administration and audit review thereby reducing costs

Process Improvements

Creates an auditable sales process leading to improved risk management and profit leakage


Full visibility of deal file stage giving proactive control over risk management and compliance

Compliance and Risk Management

Addresses issues arising from existing and upcoming legislation on data protection and FCA regulation

Customer Experience

Improved vehicle handover experience through easy access to relevant documents and identification of missing key documents early in the sales process

The Team

Andy Mee

Commercial Director

Andy joined the board in January 2017 to provide financial and management support. Andy possesses strong commercial acumen and a sound financial background, with the ability to develop and implement successful strategic plans. A strong and motivational leader, confident in leading change programmes to achieve demanding objectives. Andy has significant experience of working on a pan European basis having both led and contributed to successful cross country and functional projects. Andy also has experience in the automotive industry going back nearly 20 years.

Ritchie Kelk

Managing Director

Ritchie is an old school automotive lifer who is also the managing director of KCS Limited – providing DMS change to prestige dealer groups for planning and executing the centralisation and standardisation of sales (VSB), marketing, CRM, aftersales (POS), warranty and financial (SL, PL & NL) departments. Ritchie has bags of industry experience and contacts and brings extensive knowledge of software development, project management, configuration and implementation of various DMS over nearly 30 years with almost 500 DMS implementations, migrations and upgrades to fall back on.

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